Canada is the third largest source of game development, following only Japan and the U.S. and has contributed $4.5 billion to our GDP. Our Video Game Art diploma program prepares you launch an exciting new career in an ever-growing industry. You will have the skill and knowledge to pursue any number of employment opportunities as a video game level designer, video game animator, interactive media designer, quality assurance/game tester and more. If you�re creative and have a passion for bringing ideas to life, this may be the perfect program for you!

Program Highlights

  • Learn to create 2D animations, animate 3D models for video games and create digital art
  • Develop the animation, level design, scripting, team-building and other skills that are essential in the video game industry
  • Train on the latest graphic design software and gain a strong knowledge of video game design, 2D pixel art, animation and level design, 3D character modeling, lighting, environment modeling and much more
  • Develop a professional portfolio and collaborate in projects that strengthen essential team-building skills

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